Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trillium Festival

School Children entertaining during Trillium 

For many years, the Stehekin Community has been coming together to acknowledge the end of winter's darkness, and the return of brighter days, with a celebratory gathering. It's known as the Trillium Festival - or more affectionately, just "Trillium".
Trillium flowers are among the first to pop up after the snow is gone and the temperatures begin to rise. Within the shadowed woodlands, the trillium brightly proclaim that warmth and color are returning to the 
the heavy laden potluck table
It's a come-as-you-are kind of event, but many take the opportunity to put on their finer clothes, or at least clean ones. It starts in the late afternoon with a potluck -with delicious offerings from the many who have spent the morning preparing.
visting and enjoying the food shared by friends and neighbors
In the schoolyard, everyone has a good time reconnecting with neighbors, and getting acquainted with those just in the valley for a visit. The children feel some nervousness as they anticipate their performances to come. Maybe all those who will share talent feel it. 
Following the potluck, everyone gathers inside the school, and the sharing of talent begins. 
the gift of music

school kids impress all with their talents

the happily-entertained

Stehekin's very own band

Trillium Festival 2017 
- Saturday, May 13 -
 Stehekin School
Potluck begins at 4 PM
Followed by local Talent

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