Friday, May 5, 2017

Growing up Stehekin Style: Spring

Kids grow up fast.  But, thankfully, in Stehekin, the wonders of childhood last a little longer.  Someone smart said of motherhood: "The days are long, the years are short". True.

Spring has sprung and graduation is just around the corner.  This little spring beauty will be graduating from 8th grade this year. As a mother of an 8th grader, I am working on the traditional scrapbook.  To tell you the truth, I am just getting started. Putting together a scrapbook over 14 years of growing up puts the blessings of living in Stehekin right before my teary eyes.  I thought I would share some of our springtime views of childhood in our beautiful and unique valley in the mountains.
Spring beauties....2 kinds!

Spring is just around the corner

"Fun Beach" as we named it that day. Stehekin River

 Finding some sun, sand and water is a favorite spring activity. This year we actually shoveled 2' of snow off the sand pile in order get some outside play going! Hose in the sand pile provides many hours of fun and a beach at the river is a special day outing.

Hours of fun

School class at play.

Channel water play
The mudflats is one of the favorite places to play in spring.  We can leave our yard of snow and in less than a mile we have sun, miles of playground, channels of water to play in, and gooey mud to bring home on our boots.  


Muddy.  That is the goal.
Mud fights, mud slides, mud pies, mud birthday parties, kite flying, golf ball driving, channel jumping, and footprint tracking!

These mudflat meetings...they are not always planned, such as the picture below with "the girls". I am sure I did NOT say that day "Hey, how about you put on the favorite dress your grandma made and go wallow in the mud?" No, I don't think that is how it happened, but there she is and I am smiling about it now.
The girls