Saturday, May 6, 2017

Summer Preparation

After a long and heavy winter, the Spring sun is melting most of the snow, and bringing everything back to life.  As the warmer weather, emerging flowers, and baby geese and ducks mark the beginning of spring, we here in Stehekin start to prepare for the busy summer season.  Here are some pictures of what things look like before the visitors get here.

Stehekin Pastry Company (AKA "The Bakery") buried in snow
"The Bakery" emerging from the snow with windows boarded up for protection
Getting the first batch ready
Pre Season cinnamon rolls.
Stehekin Valley Ranch under several feet of snow
Tent Cabins before being "tarped"
Arriving in Stehekin (Below-Nancy Davis of Stehekin Outfitters getting the horses loaded on the barge in Chelan and getting ready to head up lake to Stehekin
The horses aren't always sure about the ramp.

Happy to be home

Heading up the road to the corrals

A couple of fawns curious about the water
Mallard Hen and her duckings
Geese and their goslings