Monday, May 8, 2017

"Low Tide" and High Water

Spring is in the air with a lot of cold winds blowing off the high mountain snow lately. These can create huge dust clouds that blow off the mud flats and through the Stehekin Landing where the boat docks. These are not the most pleasant moments but they are a harbinger of warmer days.
View of the mud flats looking down-lake
Mud flats in the moonlight
The "Mud Flats" are sometimes mistaken for "low-tide" in the spring when the lake is down.

Mud flats in the winter
Snow melting creates the water run off in the spring

High-water creek
hearty soul keeping her shoes dry
These warmer days melt the snow and we usually have a few worrisome days, as we did last week when a thunder and lightning storm came through and caused a few creeks to spill over their banks.

Old log on the mud flats growing currants~ determined to bloom
Hikers waiting for the boat after hiking the Lake Shore Trail
It all works out in the end.