Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Stehekin's Trillium Festival --May 13th, 2017!

Stehekin's 33rd Annual Trillium Festival!
Saturday, May 13th
A Stehekin Community tradition 
celebrating spring's arrival
 Everyone Welcome!
*Good Food (Potluck 4pm)
*Local Performances (after fullness)
*A great time to visit neighbors and friends
after a long winter!
*At the School 

  And while a festive community is gathered inside to share music, laughter and thoughts on stage, the more exceptional performances can be discovered outside in Stehekin’s woodland theater. 

Find an abundant array of Western Trillium as soon as the snow melts—singing and dancing their hearts out to welcome the return of the sunshine!

Trillium Trio in full song

After their brilliant white debut, Trillium fade to beautiful pinks and purples

A heartfelt solo!

A stunning evening performance

                Stehekin Hint: 
An excellent hike for finding spring Trillium!


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