Thursday, May 11, 2017

Stehekin Outfitters Backcountry Trips

Cook Tent on pack trip in 1960's
Stehekin Outfitters
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Backcountry Trips
Stehekin Outfitters, a locally owned business, offer many recreational opportunities in Stehekin and the surrounding mountains. Ray Courtney and Virgil Fellows began horse supported pack trips and trail rides out of Stehekin in 1946. 

In 1961, Ray and Esther Courtney began "Hike it and Like it" trips, allowing people to hike while the horses carried all the necessary items to make a comfortable camp at the end of the day - tents, cook tent, food, duffle bags for each guest, sleeping bags and pads, a toilet tent, etc. He also provided the food and someone to cook it! There was no freeze dried hiking food, but steaks, salad, cheesecake, watermelon -to name a few of the regular menu items. Food never tasted as good as it did after a beautiful day exploring the Cascades - when a guest could saunter into a high mountain camp to sit down to a fully prepared gourmet meal!
Colter Courtney -carrying on the tradition
Now, 56 years later, Ray's grandson, Colter Courtney, and his business partner, Nancy Davis, continue the tradition under the name of Stehekin Outfitters. They base their business out of the corrals that are located in Stehekin, just up-valley from Stehekin Valley Ranch. The Stehekin Outfitters offer Guided Hikes into the surrounding areas, Pack Trips, Trail Rides to Coon Lake and beyond, Tent-to-tent camps, and Horseback Riding Lessons.
one of the many beautiful hikes from Cottonwood Tent-to-Tent camp
Hike it and Like it
There are a number of scheduled trips for the 2017 season. The trips range from 3 to 6 nights. The first hike of the season is Memorial Weekend, and it's along the Lake Shore Trail, with space still available (spread the word!). The option of arranging a private trip - maybe a family trip, or a friends' reunion - can work if schedules allow. 
guided trail ride
Trail Rides
Through the summer season, Outfitters offer morning and afternoon day rides to Coon Lake, and beyond. Led by a knowledgeable trail guide, the sure footed horses do the work while the guests can enjoy the views, wildlife sightings and wildflowers along the way. There are many great photo opportunities, too. There is time to dismount, explore and stretch legs at Coon Lake before the return to the corrals. 

Tent-to-Tent Camps
Experience the backcountry with ease of travel. There are camps already set up at Cottonwood and Bridge Creek with amenities such as a tent, cot, sleeping bags and a kitchen with propane stove - All you need to pack are your clothes and food.
Friends enjoying a visit around the fire at Tent-to-Tent Camp at Bridge Creek
 kitchen in Tent-to-Tent camp

Horseback Riding Lessons are also available by arrangement.

For a unique experience when you are in Stehekin, or for more information about any of the above, please contact Stehekin  Outfitters at: 

PO Box 304
Stehekin WA 98852