Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Stehekin Pastry Company--Officially Open Daily! 7:30-5:00

Stehekin Pastry Company's Signature Indulgence!

Roberta and Cragg Courtney's Stehekin Bakery
--a favorite destination

Roberta Courtney, talented owner and expert culinary artist,announces that the Bakery as of today is officially open


June 15th Open Daily til October 1st 

(October 2-15th Closed Mondays and Tuesdays)  

All of Stehekin knows life is good again when they spy the lights on in the Bakery in the springtime. What it means to us is, the hard working crew is busy inside preparing for the season ahead—scrubbing, sorting, polishing, labeling and restocking.  Why is all this hard work a good thing? It means the return of our favorite haven of friendly atmosphere and world class eateries will soon be open, again! 
Hannah,Mairin,Lindsey,and Roberta getting the Bakery ready for us!(Nice hats!)
Hannah making colorful labels
Lindsey unpacking new coffee thermoses

Mairin preparing t-shirts for 2017 season

The opening of the Bakery may mean even more to us long suffering, winter-bedraggled community members than even the anticipating visitor.  We can once again gather around a fresh cup of coffee with welcoming, master of ceremonies, Cragg Courtney and tell our tall tales. We can request a scrumptious item out of the case from the crew who will always have a kind word and smile for us. We know we can rely on Roberta Courtney’s expert eye to keep all operations reliably and consistently…fantastic.

Roberta overseeing preparations

The Bakery,a landmark in Stehekin since 1989 is a favorite destination for bikers, walkers and hiking enthusiasts.  The reward for reaching this pot of gold at the end of your  efforts will be an amazing opportunity to indulge in beautiful pastries,too numerous to itemize, plus the unforgettable signature cinnamon roll.

A featured special salad or soup of the day is a filling and healthy meal. An array of hot pizza comes out of the oven just in time for lunch.  Gluten-free items such as rock and roll cake or cookies are just as delicious as the rest. You can find just about anything your heart desires here…espresso, ice cream, pie Ala mode…

Salad of the day- a satisfying experience!

Roberta claims the Pastry Company’s quiche as her favorite! There will be choices--there is vegetable garden, quiche Lorraine and the most popular, ham and cheese.  A new feature is a Sunday morning “egg in a biscuit”..a soft boiled egg surrounded by a herb biscuit. Yum.

Robbie, as we locals lovingly call her, continually unfolds her culinary talent much to everyone’s delight. On top of all her demanding responsibilities in the baking world, Robbie possesses a flare for catering events with delicious and attractive variety.
From this....

We are thankful for Roberta and Cragg’s dedication and generosity to the Stehekin Community and for enriching the Stehekin visitor experience over these many years. We are glad to see the lights on again!

L.C. this!! Time to Open!

Cragg and Roberta Courtney, Owners

The Stehekin Pastry Co. is located two miles up the Stehekin Valley Road from the boat landing.

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