Thursday, May 18, 2017

Craft Shop and Gallery

 The House that Jack Built 
-Stehekin's Craft Shop
The picturesque Stehekin Craft Shop 

Visitors to Stehekin often ask, "What do you do all winter?" The answer to that question will depend upon who is asked. But, if the question is asked of a large segment of Stehekin's year round population - the answer can be found at The House that Jack Built - or as the locals call it, "the Craft Shop". The historic log cabin overlooking the lake is an inviting little spot to get a glimpse into the life and talent Stehekin possesses. 

The House that Jack Built
Stehekin's Craft shop is located on the walk up from the boat dock to the Golden West Visitor Center. The quaint building was built by Jack Blankenship, who also built the Golden West Visitor Center as a Lodge in 1926. The craft shop is operated by a community co-operative that has offered local handcrafts for forty years.
Local Artists and Craftsmen display their work in the Craft Shop.

The variety of handmade crafts available is quite diverse - with something for everyone. The merchandise comes from the efforts of many creative hands - ranging in age from 7 to 70+. Every year the offerings are different. A visitor can find candles, soaps, lotions, wooden bowls, pens, t-shirts, knitted hats, books, bags, potholders, scarves, photos, magnets, cups, jewelry - just to name a few of the items on display. Stop in and enjoy the many imaginative creations inspired by the North Cascades and long, quiet winters in Stehekin.

The shop is open most days from June into September - from 10:30 until 2:30 - during "boat time".

The Golden West Gallery
An Opening Night Exhibit at the Gallery

The Gallery is open to the public, free of charge, during the hours that the Golden West Visitor Center is open.