Monday, May 22, 2017

Birds of Stehekin

Stehekin is home to many birds, below are a smattering of some that are rarely seen (and others that are more common). Most are seen on or around Lake Chelan, all are in Stehekin. 

Roving gang of Mergansers

A Common Snipe, yes they are real.
The shy, Sora, in the marshes of Lake Chelan.
Mama Common Merganser and babies
Female Barrow's Golden-eye
Young beaver (doesn't qualify as a bird) just too cute not to share.
Hermit Thrush mama with hungry babies
Evening Grosbeaks around a salt block
Cedar Waxwing
Cowbirds enjoying a ride and  meal

Hard working Downey Woodpecker gets the grub.
And Stehekin has adopted the Loon as it's representative bird:
Common Loon

Photos courtesy of E. Breeze