Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer Hike to Coon Lake

The trail as you head up toward Coon Lake
Hiking to Coon Lake this time of year can be a wonderful leisurely hike. You can begin from High Bridge and meander up the one mile to the lake. Many times you will see deer or bear and always squirrels and the like along the way. There are some amazing views as you meander up the trail to the lake. Some times of the year there is good fishing, I hear. This hike is an easy one for most anyone to do. You can, also, book a horse ride to the lake, daily, as well. This is always a great half-day trip as well.

View of Agnes Mountain from the Coon Lake Trail on an amazingly clear day
Coon Lake with McGregor Mountain in the background
Kids wandering along the bank of  Coon Lake looking for a place to jump in.

View of Coon Lake