Friday, May 26, 2017

Two in One: Barnhart Photography

Nancy and Mike, Self portrait in Stehekin

Inspiring, invoking, thoughtful…these words come to mind when describing the images created by “Barnhart Photography.” Long time Stehekin residents, Mike and Nancy’s mutual interest and trade is the result of historical ties to a original homesteading family, inspiration from professionals they have met along the way, and through the opportunity presented daily from living in the beauty of the North Cascades. 

Mike, capturing Stehekin snow beauty

Mike follows in his great grandfather’s footsteps. J Robert Moore (Of Moore Point, Lake Chelan) who was a photographer in New York before heading west. When working on a pack trip for his uncle, Ray Courtney, Mike met inspiring photographer Ansal Adams. Other inspirational photographers in Mike’s life have been Paul Bergman (Stehekin photographer whose specialty was coloring black & white photos) and National Geographic photographer,  Bruce Dale.

Mike’s Black and Whites: timelessly drawing us into the mountains
Nancy at work, Upper Lake Chelan

Nancy joined Mike in Stehekin, bringing along, as she claims “many an art interest” and experience from photographing family adventures in New England. Their individual work compliments the other.

  Nancy’s ability to frame a whimsical but in-depth look into nature creates colorful, unique images and draws our eye to interesting patterns we wouldn’t normally see.

 Nancy's love of art and nature, combine

Their start into the business aspect of photography consisted of a little shop simply called the “Photo Shop at the Stehekin Landing. Mike and Nancy’s  photos were sold as prints, then post cards and eventually were collected into two meaningful and informative books for sale including:
Find Nancy and Mike's work locally at the Stehekin Craft Shop

A great love of history and his family ties to Stehekin spurred Mike on to producing: At Home in the Woods: A Family History of the Moores and Courtneys that is personable, interesting to read and full of descriptions of the lifestyle of those who came before them. Find this book at:
Nancy's wedding photography

Mike and Nancy’s work has become well known throughout the area and highly sought after. They’ve shown in galleries throughout N. Central Washington and exhibit regularly in the Golden West Gallery, in Stehekin. The Barnharts have helped define and interpret Stehekin to the visitor, and given focus to the unparalleled beauty of the North Cascades through artistic and beautiful photography. Thank you Mike and Nancy for your special contributions to Stehekin life and community, and for your inspiring photographs that we know and love.L.C.

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