Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stehekin Valley Ranch open weekends till mid-June

Here is cook Gordy Courtney cutting the whole chickens up for our dinner at the Ranch.

Stehekin Valley Ranch is open weekends till the middle of June for dinners and cabins as well. We went up on Sunday for their "Chicken dinner" with all the trimmings. The chicken had been smoked, in the new smoker-BBQ, before being put in the oven to roast. My favorite part of Sunday dinner is always the homemade mashed potatoes and the fresh cooked carrots add a festive look to your plate. A variety of salads are available through the week depending on the day. All were excellent!
Here is a look at the Sunday night line up at the Ranch.

Beth is one of the "prep-cooks" this year and did a dandy job on the salads last night.

Krissa greeting folks and finding out what they would like for dinner.

Here is Samantha ready and waiting to serve you with some scrumptious dessert!
Look at this amazing piece of Carrot Cake made by The Stehekin Pastry Company for the Ranch.