Friday, June 2, 2017

Pot Luck

Pot Lucks...they are a good thing.  They are really good if they are not at your house. HA!  We recently hosted our third annual "Welcome to Stehekin" Pot Luck.  This time of year we have quite a few people show up to work for the summer and this gathering was meant to give us all a chance to get acquainted with the new folks. 

We do pot lucks well around won't see much pre-made stuff from Costco deli no sir-eee.  
What do we do? We eat. We talk. We meet new people and catch up with the old ones...ahem,  the ones we have known a long time.  We play volleyball, tetherball, music, games, or just sit and watch people.  We have had pot lucks to welcome new people, say goodbye to friends, have a memorial service for one passed on, celebrate weddings, surprise a retiring teacher, surprise a friend for a birthday, kick off spring at the Trillium Festival, eaten husband-cooked food for Mothers Day, gathered for 4th of July festivities, congregated a the Buckner Orchard for Harvest Fest, and explored the tastes of the world at World Cuisine Night.

Do's and Don't of Pot Lucks
     Do remember to take your dishes, shoes, coats and children home with you
     Don't bring a salad in the dog dish (don't happened! It was a really clean dog dish)
     Do compliment the food you like (you never know who is listening)
     Don't say "gross" about the food you don't like (you never know who is listening)

See you at the next one that comes around!