Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Celebrations at the Stehekin School

As we near the end of this school year, and prepare for 2017 graduation, this seemed a good time to show off some of the great work done through the years for the graduates. We have a long tradition at the Stehekin School of giving an afghan, or quilt, to a student who has been in school for four years or more. Many have completed eight or nine years in our small community school, and have earned these special gifts. Before there were quilts there were afghans. After the school children and assorted helpers knitted their names into the square, someone would put the squares together into an afghan -like the one below.

Here are Gordy Courtney and Norma Ward  holding one of the afghans done by students in the early 1980's. Norma made the school square and put the afghan together. Quite a project! The student to receive this afghan was John Wilsey.

Shortly after that year, the students began embroidering squares to be put into quilts for the graduates.
 Roberta with graduate Quin Courtney.
For many years Roberta Pitts worked with the students as they embroidered their squares. She also made most of the amazing quilts the students received. She set a high standard to follow.
Traditionally the graduates receive their quilts at the end of the graduation ceremony. The school children always get to see the quilt before it is turned around for family and friends in the audience to view.
 Here are Samantha Courtney and teacher, Mr. Scutt, holding the quilt up as the class gets to see the finished project for the first time. This quilt was made by Roberta Pitts.
Graduation quilts made by Rene Courtney for Aaron Abelsen and Simon Courtney

Quilt made for Warren Courtney with squares made by the students and Mr. Scutt. The "school" square and the quilt are made by Rene Courtney.