Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A short, leisure hike to Agnes Gorge

Hike to Agnes Gorge
Summer is upon us now and this short (easy 5 miles round trip) hike is always a great way to spend a few hours or make a day of it. Plenty of great vistas and cool shade as you meander along the trail. Once you get to the Gorge you can continue on up the creek and on down to the water above some spectacular falls. 
As you meander up the trail you will pass through some beautiful Aspen groves. At the right time of year the rustle of the Aspen leaves is very musical and worth the hike just for that sound. 

As you hike toward the gorge you will see some wonderful views of Agnes Mountain in the distance.
As you continue on with your hike you will spends some time hiking through some cool shaded areas.
Once you come out into the open for a spell you have a terrific view of Agnes Creek.
Here is a view you can get once you have reached the Gorge of one of the falls.
Lots of places to sit by the water and relax and take pictures. Be sure to take a snack or lunch along  and always carry water for the hike.