Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stehekin School Graduation 2017

Class of 2017 Back Row L to R: Mr. Getchell, Victoria Barnhart-Innes, Nora Abelsen, Sarah Wilsey Kimberly Getchell,
Front Row L to R: Kylan Courtney, Lyle Griffith,
Kiersten Getchell 
Graduates: Victoria Barnhart-Innes, Nora Abelsen and Sara Wilsey

The official graduation presentation began at 7:00pm, July 10th. By the time the last person turned out the lights and closed the schoolhouse door, it was a few minutes before 12 midnight. Half that time was devoted to the graduation itself; the other half to sharing the joy of the evening with families, fellow classmates and community members. 

Mr. Getrchell wearing the hat he knit this year.

Above the students sing "The River" led by Patty Wilsey. Students also played a marimba song and recited poetry before diplomas were awarded the graduates. 

Liz Courtney leads the the class playing "Bad Monkey" on the marimba instruments. Later, past graduates and classmates brought the marimbas out again and played. 

Family and friends appreciated the students' efforts. 

It was now time for the graduates to present their speeches and receive diplomas. Finally, gifts from the class and community were presented. 

Students who have attended the Stehekin School for four years receive a quilt as a graduation present. Each student and teacher embroider a quilt square for the graduate's quilt. Rene Courtney instructs embroidery and creates the beautifully colorful quilts in time for graduation. Congratulations Victoria, Sarah, Nora and the Class of 2017!

Presentation of the quilts followed by desserts on the porch.

The graduates and the Class led those in attendance out to the school's front porch for cake and punch while the beautiful quilts waited inside the school ready to be escorted home at the end of the evening. The 2017 graduation was delightful. Thanks to Mr. Getchell, the Class and all those who helped making this such a wonderful evening. 

June Verse: 
Summer’s pulse quickens and flows,
and in lengthening light
a fullness grows.
The whitened loads of mountains tall,
surge, helpless, resounding,
         to fall in torrents furious and deep,
         beneath the relentless sun.
A fresh proud liberty is then unleashed,
and a rich full year calls us to meet,
and face the sun,
and thank each other for what we’ve become.
Carey Bacon 1984