Tuesday, June 20, 2017

McGregor Mountain Hike

McGregor Mountain from the Landing. This is a good summer hike that will take you up to High Bridge to get an early start on this hike. It is a 6.8 mile climb up to Heaton Camp. Heaton Camp is the only place you can camp on McGregor. From here, you can go the last mile to the top for the 360 degree view of the entire area.  Well worth the hike!
Just heading out from High Bridge in the cool morning air.
As you continue up the trail, from High Bridge, you will come to Coon Lake in the early morning light.
Heading up the slope to the top!
A good view of Lake Chelan from the top of McGregor Mountain.
A view looking away from the Stehekin Valley. Spectacular mountain ranges in the  background.
Heading back down after spending the day on the mountain.

As you head back down you will still have some amazing vistas of the surrounding mountains as you head back to High Bridge. Well worth a day spent on this hike!

Photo's by Samantha Courtney and Krissa Shively