Monday, June 26, 2017

Taking a "Tour" with Discovery Bikes

If you are wanting to take a leisurely trip up valley to check out the sights. Discovery Bikes is a great option. You can find them about 150 yards up valley from the Landing. The  Discovery Bike crew will help get you ready for your journey adjusting bike seats and, if you choose, fitting you with a helmet. They can answer all your questions about where you will be going as well. Hop on your bike and lets be off...

As you come off the head of the lake you will see a beautiful garden on your right. "The Garden" is a great place to stop for local produce and organic fruits, in season. They offer goat yogurt and cheeses as well other delicious and nutritious items. Well worth a stop on your journey valley. 

For  many years The Stehekin Pastry Company has been offering a great place to relax and enjoy some amazing food. From soup to ice cream and everything in between ... stop in to check it out...!

Always a popular item at the Bakery is a warm yummy Cinnamon Roll. They also offer a wide variety of lunch and dessert fare for you to sample.

About three miles up the valley you will glimpse the "New" school.  Most of the summer you are welcome to tour the lower area and check out the past school year in review on the walls of the Motion Room and the main classroom.

Just above the "New" school stand the "Old" school built in 1921 by Stehekin residents.  The door is always unlocked for folks to take a tour. Lots of past student work is displayed on the walls. You can get a feel of what this school was like with 20 some students.

About three and a half mile up the valley is the spectacular water fall. Rainbow Falls is an excellent place to visit. Wander up to the upper falls where, if the season is right, you can get a good misting.  Always a must see when you are in the valley.

Harlequin Bridge is about four miles up the road from the Discovery Bikes.  You can cross the bridge and off to the left is Harlequin Campground. This is a great place to take a rest and relax by the river before heading back down the road to the Discovery Bike stand.