Thursday, June 29, 2017

Looking for a Sign?

One of the appealing things for visitors to Stehekin is the opportunity to explore independently. There are many different experiences to pursue, and discovering them can be part of the adventure.
You may not find the sign you're looking for, but the signs you do find might help you on your journey, and lead you to some pleasant surprises!
This sign can be found 1.5 miles up the road from the landing.

A friendly greeting to all visitors

not too far up the road from the landing - handy to be able to mail your postcards
a few strides up the road from the Post Office - a short and interesting little stroll 
This one could use a little touch up, but this picnic area is about a mile up the road from the landing, and is a nice spot to relax and enjoy the lake 

not much more than 1/2 mile from the picnic area - a lovely stop on the way up the road
while exploring please abide by our speed limit!
just two miles from the landing - a favorite spot for visitors and locals alike
generally kids don't see-saw in the road, but it's good for drivers to be aware that there are children out and about
about 1/2mile further up the road from the bakery
just across the road from the lower Rainbow Trailhead
When school is not in session, visitors are welcome to pop in and take a look at the school.
Of all the signs here, this is probably one of our favorites - at the Stehekin Pastry Company (AKA: the Bakery).
We hope you can come and discover some of the wonder of Stehekin, and maybe you'll even find the sign that you've been looking for!