Monday, July 3, 2017

Kayaking Upper Lake Chelan...well worth the trip!

For many years Stehekin Valley Ranch has offered "Guided Kayak Tours" to the guests visiting the area. They have both single and double kayaks so folks can go it alone or travel with a friend. Check out their website or contact Nick at the Log  Office to make reservations and get more information.

Here a guide is instructing the new kayakers on the process to have a fun safe trip.  How to paddle so you can move forward, back and turn your craft around if need be. 

Getting ready to head over to the grassy area at the head of the lake. 

Lots of great kayaking no mater what the weather as the grass at the head of the lake affords you some great kayaking and opportunities so see lots of birds and wild life as you move quietly through the water.

The lady in the front of the kayak is 84, in this picture, so age is really  not a factor. I promise it will be well worth your while to see Lake Chelan from this prospective.

Weather permitting the guide will lead the folks across the lake to the Pictographs. These are across from the Landing and the guide will follow the edge of the lake down to them. Always interesting to wonder how they actually got where they are.
Here is a group who was just at the pictographs just heading out for some middle of the lake time

Kayaks out in the lake on a calm day. Weather permitting this is a fun thing with some spectacular views. Well worth the trip!

Here are the girls heading in after a fun Kayaking trip around the head of Lake Chelan