Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Refreshing Stop on a Hot Summer Day

View of Rainbow Falls from the parking lot. Any time of year this is a great spot to stop for a time. This time of year, with the rushing cold water thundering off the hillside, it is like you are the only one in the world. Drop your backpack beside an inviting bench and take a deep, refreshing breath and RELAX!

As you start up the trail tot he falls you have a great information stop so you can get a good idea of  the falls.

Full view of the "Lower and Upper" Falls. This is a great spot to sit on a bench and watch the falls in a very relaxed setting.

A close up view of the "Lower" Falls. sometimes folks jump in a swim here but there is still a bit too much water for now.

As you meander up the trail to the  "Upper" Falls The view is spectacular. Well worth the meander!

This spot, at the moment, is a great place to get a real misting. As summer comes on  the falls run a lower amount of water so no mist but now it is a great place to cool off!

Up close view of the pool at the "Upper" Falls. Lots of mist coming off the falls at this time.

Walking back down the trail from the "Upper" Falls.