Friday, July 21, 2017

Growing Up Stehekin Style: Swimming

A neighbor asked the little guy recently "What do you like best about living in Stehekin?"  "Swimming" he replied.  When asked if it is cold he says "As cold as snow!". True.  I once spent many hours standing on the steps at "the Cabana" while oldest girl learned to swim without her life jacket.  I didn't think I would ever feel my feet again! Went home and put on wool socks and warmed up a rice bag while the outside temperature creeped over 90. Crazy!

Friends swimming at one mile park

Same dock 4 or 5 years by Nancy Barnhart
When the oldest 2 were young, we spent many afternoons at the swimming place near the post office. Those days had moms watching young kids, snacks being shared, sometimes a spontaneous idea to grill burgers for dinner.  Lots of good memories down there.   Logs made into boat with a stick for a paddle.  Wanting to go out to "the log" with the older kids.  Making it out there at last.  Rolling the log to make others fall off. Trips to the store for an ice cream or take out nachos from the restaurant.
At "the log" with friends at the post office swim area
Life jackets and a float tube...hours of fun 

Things change. Kids grow up and are given permission to go on their own.  The girls will often bike down the road to see who is around swimming.   Sometimes little guy and I go to the park alone, but soon some of our friends will show up and join us.  We watch for Dad to row around the river mouth at the end of his fishing trip.  He can see and hear us from there and comes down to join us.   It's hard to remember those winter days with 5' of snow and 9 degrees! What a wonderful life here in Stehekin.

Raft on a rope