Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Child's Delight

Today's post was written by a 7 year old in 1992. It's about the simple pleasures of childhood in a remote community.

I live in Stehekin. I live in a big log house. We do not have power off a wire. Our power comes from a pelton wheel. I did not have power in my room until one special day.
I was on my way home from school. Papa had just got home from Chelan.
I ran acr
oss the field. When I got there Papa told me to go look on the counter. It was a light!
“Papa! How could you possibly get this for me? Am I dreaming? I just can not believe this! Will you put it in my room tonight?”
“Yes,” said Papa.
That night Papa worked hard on the light. It seemed to be forever to get the light hooked up. Papa told me to go look at my light. But, papa told me if I went up there I would have to sweep up the swirling, dusty sawdust. So I went up in the dark. But it was not dark, because my light was on!
Then mom said it was time to eat, so I went downstairs. Every minute I would have to go and check on it. It made me feel rich having a light in my room. It seemed to glow like a lantern. That night I got to read in my room!
And now whenever it is time to go to bed I read a little. If I wake up in the morning and no one is awake I just read.
The End