Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Take a Stroll on the Rainbow Loop Trail

At the "Upper Rainbow Loop Trailhead" ready for the hike!

Gordy leading the group out on the trail.

A glimpse of the valley floor from the Rainbow Loop Trail.

Gordy heading up out of the trees to a nice view.

Looking back along the trail with McGregor towering in the distance.

Gordy standing on Rainbow Bridge about half way through the hike.

Gordy heading through an open area. I assume there is a trail there some place but a bit hard to see in this shot.

Trail along the hillside with Ashley and Gordy. 

Over look just off the trail to see the vista spread below with Castle towering over the valley. With Gordy, Krissa and Sierra.

One of the excellent views along the trail. Here you can see Buckner Orchard below and Castle Peak in the background.

A view of the lake and valley floor from the trail.

Our group heading down the trail with Lake Chelan in the background. Ready for a break at Stehekin Pastry Company.

Stehekin Pastry Company is a great destination when you get off the Loop hike as it is just one half mile down the road. They have a wide selection of  items to eat and drink while you relax in a lawn chair in the yard.

After the 5 mile Rainbow Loop hike a cold dish of ice cream is just right!