Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Advice From a Happy Stehekin Deer

Advice From a Happy Stehekin Deer 
 (Upon finding a neat little hoof signature by my chomped cabbage…)

Go in at night, they won’t catch you then

They’re sleeping so sound, you can easily dine

Your exotic fare inconceivably fine

All that is missing is fine sparkling wine

Go right ahead and nibble away

Try strawberry leaves and green bean pate

And that little green apple dangling high and away?

Oh yes it’s definitely worth the foray!

And what have we here, now, so round and deep green?

It’s cabbage! for coleslaw! The perfect cuisine!

Just take a few bites, from the center to glean

There’s more where that came from, just come back again

And when you’re all done sign with neat little stamps

And carefully step through the mega watt amps

With leanness of figure wires cause you no pain

For ease through all fences.... try a vegetable plan! l.c.