Sunday, August 6, 2017

"Family, Friendliness, Persistence"

Stehekin Heritage Summer Presentations

Last night the Stehekin Pastry Co. hosted valley residents and visitors to a Heritage program entitled: "Stehekin Heritage - A Gift Worth Passing On." This program traces Stehekin's history from indigenous tribes who traveled through the valley for trade, through the mining and homestead eras and on to today's community life. 

One goal of the summer presentations series is to inform valley visitors about Stehekin's history and the value of continued community life in the valley. 

With this goal in mind, it was inspirational when a guest raised her hand at the end of last night's program to say, "My husband and I love to study history. We've purchased Mike Barnhart's book, At Home in the Woods, and are enjoying it thoroughly. After being in the valley, reading Mike's book and being here tonight, three words come to mind: Family, friendliness and persistence. This is a unique place because of the people. Thank you for tonight's presentation!" 

Today this writer was approached by another individual who attended the presentation.

"You know, last night after the program I did a lot of thinking about this place and community life here. I have some ideas that may help preserve the community." She then shared her thoughts. Just before leaving she said, "You'll be hearing from me. I want to help." Comments like these help us realize the hard work required to make these presentations is worthwhile. 

The next Stehekin Heritage Summer Presentation will be Saturday, August 19th at the bakery. The title of the presentation will be, "Lodging: The Early Years." If you're in the valley, we hope you will attend.