Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Leisurely Walk on the Stehekin River Trail

View looking up the airstrip toward
MrGregor from the trail-head.

      The River Trail takes you 4 miles to Weaver Point on the south shore of Lake Chelan where you will find a large public campground and a sandy beach for those who like cold water swimming. The way
 is mostly forested and you are only in view of the river along three different stretches. This is a nice cool hike for a hot day, and comes complete with a few fishing holes along the way. 

View of the river from the meandering
River Trail.

       The trail-head is 4.5 miles up valley from the boat landing 
and across Harlequin Bridge. Follow Company Creek Road 125 yards and take a left into the National Park Service maintenance area. Continue straight ahead to the Stehekin Airport. Heading down-valley (left) along the landing strip you will find the trail head at the end of the runway. 

      The trail meanders past creeks coming off the hill side and the Stehekin River as you head toward Weaver Point for some spectacular views looking down the lake on a lazy afternoon.

A wonderful view looking down lake from the Weaver Point Dock.
A great place to relax an have lunch!