Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Letting Go of Dazzling Romance: Stehekin Fall 2017

November in Stehekin, watching the waters retreat and the snow advance down the mountains

We were all in it, in love with this fall in Stehekin.

Perfection, you might say.  Deep and gorgeous hues entertained us far longer than we ever expected after ninety one days of no rain. Our Facebook pages were filled with pictures of admiration and wonder, for the refreshing and inspiring out of doors.  We talked to each other, "Isn't it another gorgeous day?" we said in awe and disbelief looking around, up, down and spying golden tamaracks turning gold near the gray granite peaks.

 Our favorite spots to watch... by Harlequin Bridge and surrounding vine maples, a certain crimson bush along the lakeshore, and drives to High Bridge increased our enthusiasm. 

A favorite view of fall beside Harlequin Bridge
Even now, November 8th, and even after a slightly rude wake up call of snow, the last of the  cherished classic yellows, cheery reds, glowing golds, fiery oranges, are trying to glow, mixing in a riotous mosaic against the evergreens.

The draw was to stay outside and be in the midst of it, forever. Hiking conditions? The best. Gardening? Even the tomatoes made it. Even work felt like play and  every day was a better gift than the day before! A gift of time for us Stehekinites, this longer fall as we build, fix, repair, move and deliver.
The lure of this dazzling romance with fall put us in a bit of a dream state, of thinking it would last forever! Love is blind they say..

It's over, now. Let go, we must. Everything is letting go. Leaves, antlers, seeds, berries, and so... we must follow suit……Dragging our feet and garden hoses around we are reluctantly saying goodbye to a wonderful season.

Blueberry plants prepared for deep snow

Well, most of us are scurrying around, truth be told, to finish projects and face reality. It really is going to turn into winter, but couldn't we just believe otherwise for awhile?

One thing about living in Stehekin is, nature is absolutely in control of your lifestyle.  And you KNOW it.  You are not going to change the arrival date of snow, just because you failed to get enough wood in your woodshed.

Still not enough...!
Get to work!
So friends and visitors to Stehekin, we thank you for being a part of our romance with a particularly special season.  We welcome your presence, no matter the time of year and no matter the rating of the season’s splendor.
We reluctantly turn the page, but also say thanks for being able to turn the page, and start a new relationship with ….Stehekin WINTER! l.c.