Friday, December 1, 2017

Brand New Stehekin Heritage Website!

Stehekin Heritage
Perpetuating, Protecting, Enhancing & Sharing the Heritage of the
Stehekin Community

Dear Friends,

During the last several months, Stehekin Heritage members worked with Chris Raines of to create a new Stehekin Heritage website

We feel a sense of hopeful anticipation as we launch the new site for friends and those curious about historical and contemporary life in the Stehekin Valley.   

All in all, we're grateful to be able to live in this place and thankful for the support of those who join with us to perpetuate, protect, enhance and share the heritage of Stehekin's community. 

Thanks to all who added content and creativity to this project!

The Stehekin Heritage Board welcomes you to the new site:

Chris tells us, "There can always be a lag when you do a DNS change. So some of you may see the old site for a day or so until the DNS change makes the rounds thought the world of DNS." 
Should there be a lag, try again tomorrow. Thank you!