Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Special Artist, A Special Visit: Kerry Siderius Captures Stehekin

Kerry's amazing talent captures a favorite sight along the Lakeshore in Stehekin

Kerry Siderius' enthusiasm for life shines brightly through her masterful, watercolor works. A huge fan of her North Central Washington homelands, her happiness bubbles over into her works that feature everything from wine country grapes to Saddlerock Mountain of Wenatchee, from Cashmere farmhouses to the tiniest of chipmunks. 

It is easy to see why Kerry's watercolor and oil artwork is loved and recognized by many with growing popularity. Her ability to capture true life detail with uncanny accuracy while playing with enchanting color creates a style that is….. captivating!

Kerry’s special gift of artistry joins with her love of this region, bringing bright life to scenes such as the stark and beautiful Columbia River country, vineyards, luscious wine grapes (that look as if could pick them off the picture), cliffs and granite, and apple orchards through the seasons.  Kerry immerses herself in the country she loves, including a special trip to Stehekin once a year:  

“It's become our annual tradition to take the Lady (of the Lake) up to Moore Point then hike the remaining 7 miles to Stehekin on Mother's Day. The Lupine are in full bloom usually. We break it up in two days camping at Flick Creek that first night. Henry, who's 18 now has caught our dinner every time! We love it!" says Kerry of her trip up the Lakeshore Trail.

Lady of the Lake, Field's Point by Kerry Siderius

Kerry and her son, Luke, biking in Stehekin

In her true style of enthusiasm for the natural beauty and people that define this region, Kerry has captured the spirit of beloved sights  in Stehekin from her Mother’s Day visit.  When asked if we could share her Stehekin watercolor paintings on our blog, Kerry Siderius gave us an enthusiastic, “Yes!” and added, “I am flattered!”

Kerry, WE are flattered that you said yes!

Kerry beautifully captures detail at "The Garden"

Giving us a peak into her love of place, family and painting, Kerry generously shares the 
following short bio:

“I grew up in Bridgeport. We had an apple orchard. We're a family of six, 2 girls, 2 boys, our parents are John and Jan Little who own Rio Vista winery in Chelan. They've been married 54 years.
I had an ideal childhood. We all worked together in the orchard as a family. I didn't much like it then, but now I really love those memories. My sister and I had horses and we went to a lot of horse shows. Our brothers had dirt bikes and did a lot of hunting and fishing. 
Happily, we all live right around here now, and all our kids are close with their cousins. It’s fantastic!

At my parents winery, it's really a family affair! My niece does the weddings and much more, my brother is a winemaker with my dad, and my mom does all the flowers and landscaping. The winery is my gallery! 

I always knew I would be an artist, I've never even thought I would do anything else. I was always drawing as a child. 
Old Stehekin School, Kerry Siderius watercolor
My husband and I moved to Texas shortly after we married and I was hired in the prestigious Design District in Dallas as their watercolor artist in a very exclusive gallery called Beaux Arts. It was like boot camp for an artist. Working there taught me so many things about what's pleasing to designers,(interior decorators), and sometimes adhering to a very strict palette.  
"When we got pregnant with Henry, who's now 18, I immediately wanted to move home to be near grandma, grandpa and all the cousins that were starting to be born! We moved back and it was like Dorothy waking up over the rainbow! I had missed Washington SO much and I hadn't even realized it! It was like suddenly everything was in color! Those "ugly" brown mountains with sage brush and the occasional pine tree looked like heaven to me."

" I couldn't get enough. I put Henry in a backpack and took my camera and my brushes and started painting our beautiful area, that I hadn't really noticed before."

"Now I have over 300 paintings of Chelan, Wenatchee, Stehekin, Leavenworth, Cashmere, Crescent Bar to Tonasket and everywhere in between. I had to move away to appreciate it.  I could never live anywhere else. My husband and I bought our dream house in Cashmere. It's an 108 year old farmhouse out in the middle of a pear orchard with a little creek running through it. Life is good!"

Thank you, Kerry, for bringing your joy and enthusiasm for this country to life with your talent and paintbrush, AND for sharing your special paintings of Stehekin!
Leaning Cedar, Stehekin River, by Kerry Siderius

To contact Kerry Siderius and view more samples of her many outstanding paintings that literally take you on a tour through this beautiful region, visit the following websites:

Or call Kerry at:  509-860-4708.

Kerry adds: “I have originals and prints of all sizes and prices and also paint on commission from your photo, specializing in landscapes and pets!”

Thank you, Kerry!