Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Lake Chelan 1952

"Thinking of a Lake Chelan Vacation?"

1952 Vacation Guide

"Lake Chelan, Indian-named "Lake of Beautiful Blue Water," winds 55 miles into the very heart of the Cascade mountains-and ends within view of their glacier-studded peaks. The lake is 37 miles north of Wenatchee and only four miles north of the Columbia River. 

"The Town of Chelan is at the lower end, where grow the world-famous Chelan apples, noted for exceptional color and crisp, juicy flavor."

 "Modern resorts adjoin the town and dot the 18 miles of paved road along the south side of the lake. Many fine, sandy beaches offer swimming, boating and water sports. Fishing and hunting are excellent. For those driving cars this part of the lake is marvelously appealing.

"Secluded spots on lake or along swift turbulent streams in the high, rugged grandeur of the mountains are reached by Chelan Airways chartered plane or by the Lake Chelan Boat Company's fast boats that leave Chelan every morning for the head of the  lake, where fine resort accommodations cater to those who like fishing, hunting and hiking. 

"Buses take visitors up the picturesque Stehekin Valley Riding and pack horses are available. 

"Truly this wonderful lake offers any type of vacation desired and is well named, "Lake Chelan - the Vacation Land."