Saturday, December 8, 2018

Kitten and Skunks Battle Over Food

Chelan Valley Mirror July 10, 1952

Kitten and Skunks
Battle Over Food

A kitten and a baby skunk came into conflict at Stehekin last week over a bowl of food.

The food belonged to the kitten but its wild adversary felt that possession was nine points of the law.

The problem arose at the back door of the Peter Miller home, when two larcenous baby skunks decided that the kitten’s food was free for the taking. One woods kitty concluded that honesty was the best policy when surprised by the owner, but the other stayed.

The moment of crisis came when kitten and skunk stood nose to nose within six inches to debate the question.

“There was a time when I felt that the skunk would win by using its own peculiar talent, but he merely stamped his foot in an aggravated manner and retreated,” Miller, a neutral observer, said.