Friday, May 19, 2017

The Stehekin Log Office

Sign board outside the Log Office
 Stehekin Log Office as viewed from the Stehekin Road
Built in the early 1980's and owned by Tom and Liz Courtney, The Stehekin Log Office has been the home for many small businesses over the years, and has also served as a summer dock for the barge.  Only one of three remaining pieces of private property left in the lower mile of the valley, the economic benefit this little office has had on Stehekin is immeasurable.  Located 200 yards up valley from the landing, next to Discovery Bikes, it currently houses Stehekin Fishing Adventures and Stehekin Reservations.

a Stehekin Fishing Adventures float/fishing trip on the Stehekin River
Stehekin Fishing Adventures owned by John and Patty Wilsey offers guided fishing on both the Stehekin River and on Lake Chelan, inside the office you will find fly rods, line, leader, boots, waders, and a large variety of flies that are best suited for our area.  You will need to purchase a fishing license before you arrive in Stehekin.
a happy client with a beautiful cutthroat from the Stehekin River

Stehekin Reservations owned by Nick and Nancy Davis, books lodging for both Stehekin Valley Ranch, and Stehekin Log Cabins.  They also book horseback riding offered by Stehekin Outfitters, Guided Fishing trips through Stehekin Fishing Adventures, guided kayak tours, Massage Therapy and Dinner at Stehekin Valley Ranch.  

Stehekin Reservations also has three Polaris Ranger Crew UTVs available for rent.  With seating for up to six people the Polaris Rangers are a great way to see the valley on your own schedule. They offer an ideal way to get up to the The Stehekin Pastry Company, Rainbow Falls, Buckner Orchard, High Bridge, Car Wash Falls, and to see what the rest of the valley has to offer.  

Polaris Rangers just waiting to be rented.  
If you want to get out on the water on your own schedule, there are three Craig Cats (electric catamarans) available for rent through 2 Mile Rentals. The Cats are a relaxing way to get a different view of Stehekin.

Stehekin Reservations located in the Log Office is a one-stop-shop for all your activity and lodging needs in Stehekin. Give the Log Office a call for more information!
Nancy Davis dishing up food for hungry hikers, on a Hike and Like it trip
Photo credit: Nancy Barnhart, Barnhart Photography

  trail ride horses patiently waiting for riders

Contact information for Stehekin Reservations:
call during regular business hours 

509-682-4677 or 1-800-536-0745
or email:

for more information about Stehekin visit our website:

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