Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pictures from our Weekend 4/8/2018

The snow has just gone off the field in front of our house, and there are signs of warm sunny days ahead! 

These flowers are Spring Beauties - such an appropriate name, don't you think? I have been receiving bouquets for over thirty years from my children and grandchildren. They are one of the first spring flowers to make an appearance, and they are apparently irresistible when it comes to getting picked. Their delicate beauty has graced many small vases on my windowsill through the years. I don't generally pick many wildflowers that grow on my property, but I do appreciate the love and kindness that motivates the gift of bouquets on my sill.

Spring is also a time that many of the archers in the valley get their bows, arrows and targets out to practice for the upcoming Rock Shoot in Moses Lake. Here are a few pictures from this past Sunday afternoon
They all shoot primitive bows, made with local wood.

This 4 year old has a unique draw, but he hits the target (sometimes!). 

this 7-year old sends her arrow on its way to the target!

(note the snow on the far side of the field)

They call this Rabbit Hunting. The target is rolled along the ground in front of the shooters, and it's a bit of a competition to see who can hit it. A fun, carnival-like challenge.
Ariel target shooting is a fun way to get your exercise - walking around in the field looking for your arrows - but skills are honed, and practice pays off. And most importantly, family fun is had by all.


  1. A great family tradition. Mark makes some beautiful bows!

    1. Thank you! He has enjoyed getting many people started in the pastime of archery. It has been a rewarding way to get different generations interacting.