Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Painted Rocks

Most Stehekin visitors never see the Painted Rocks. Approximately three-quarters of a mile separates the Lodge porch from where early people placed pictographs.

During the summer months the pictographs are visible near the waterline. During the winter when the lake drops twenty-one feet, you lift your eyes upward to see these drawings. An observer might wonder, "If the lake is raised twenty-one feet and pictographs are viewed near eye level, the people who created the pictographs either scaled the wall to create their work or the conditions of the lake were quite different when this white faced wall was used as a message board."
Crossing the lake in any season can offer an exquisite play of light on the water.
A trip across the lake during the winter might offer the opportunity to see some swans.

Some of the symbols painted on the wall. The figure on the left is intriguing. 

If you get the opportunity, visit the Painted Rocks.


  1. I always enjoyed taking my boat over to the rock painting's.

  2. Very interesting and beautiful.

  3. The most logical scenario regarding the "pictographs is that the paintings were placed after 1892 when the dam was constructed at Chelan. The water rose 21 feet plus or minus. Prior to that time the painters would have to have either hung from long ropes a long ways from the top or had some kind of boat and they used some form or ladder to place the paintings where we see them today. Easy to see the fallacy in those explanations. Hate to burst your bubble but it is just very old Graffit and nothing more.