Thursday, May 4, 2017

Some Historical Pack-Trip Photos

Ray Courtney leading a pack-string by Image Lake - 1959
Keith Gunnar, a professional photographer, first met Ray Courtney in 1959 up near Image Lake. In the early 1980's, Keith and Antje Gunnar took a horse-supported pack trip with Ray Courtney, the Migration Trip. It was a trip that took place in the fall, and allowed some hearty souls to travel from Stehekin to the horse's winter pasture, at the lower end of the lake. This hike/ride wasn't at the lower elevations, but much of it was along the summit trail. Keith very graciously shared some of his photos with us. If people want copies to own, we can share his contact information by request. We will be posting more of Keith's pictures in future posts. Enjoy!
Ray Courtney leading some riders through a high mountain meadow on the Migration Trip

wrangler with the pack string
       sign post on the Summit Trail                                  Larch (Tamarack) above Lake Chelan
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  1. Great Photos, show us more in the future! Reminds me of our trips in the recent past. What fun!

  2. Cool. Please post more. I have hiked those locations and met Ray quite a few times.